1964 “Goldfinger”/ 1964 Ford Country Squire

The 1964 Ford Country Squire is one of the vehicles seen in 1964 spy-action film “Goldfinger”, the third film in James Bond series. 1964 Ford Country Squire brings 007 from the Airport to Goldfinger’s farm.

1964 Ford Country Squire, Goldfinger 1964

The Ford Country Squire is one of the most representative American cars ever build in USA. Produced between 1949-1991. A very distinguished station wagon with characteristically wood-like trimming on the sides (original wood replaced in mid 50’s by plastic or fiberglass). The car capable to carry 9 passengers in its “luxury” interior – very carefully finished with lot of eye-glancing details. From 1959 through 1966 the Country Squire body was based on the Galaxy model.

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