1981 “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”/ 1973 Ford Landau P5

This marauder’s vehicle was a heavily modified 1973 Ford Landau P5, as seen in the opening scenes of 1981 film “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”. The Landau was based on the Ford Falcon XB series but shared its frontal appearance and luxury appointments with the P5 series Ford LTD limousine which was released at that same time.

1973 Ford Landau P5, 1981 Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior

The Ford Landau P5 first appears on screen chasing Max’s Last V8 Interceptor along with Wez and a dune buggy. The Landau is driven by a “Bad Cop” but his passenger wears an old fashioned firefighter mask and wields a peculiar pneumatic dart gun. The same gun is later used by another Bad Cop to shoot Max through the roof of the truck. After the gun fires into Wez’s arm, Max rams the Ford Landau P5 which crashes into the dune buggy. The Landau rolls and halts to a stop.

Surprisingly its wreckage can be seen at the gates of The Compound when Max carries Nathan in.

1973 Ford Landau P5, 1981 Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior

For the movie the Landau was equipped with a dually rear wheel setup along with reinforcing rod flares (with an extra wheel mounted on the boot). Black paint job decorated with totenkopf symbols on the doors and a skull on the hood. The grille was modified from the original ‘flip’ headlights to a wire mesh holding headlights. The front bumper is from a 1957 Buick.

The turbo setup consisted of WEBER 48IDA or 44IDA turbos turned sideways and connected directly to carburetors to appear side-drafted. In the movie this setup was obviously non-functional.

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