1982 “Blade Runner”/ Spinner

The Spinner is the manufacturer of the type of Police flying car in sci-fi noir movie “Blade Runner” (1982) directed by Ridley Scott that can drive as a ground car, take off vertically, hover and cruise using jet propulsion much like Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft today.

1982 Made for Movie Spinner, Blade Runner 1982

These flying cars extensively by the police to survey the population, and its clear that despite restrictions wealthy people can acquire spinner licenses. The Spinner was designed by Syd Mead and has been replicated in films such as The Fifth Element and Star Wars prequel trilogy.

1982 Made for Movie Spinner, Blade Runner 1982

By the way “Back to the Future Part II” paid homage to the Blade Runner spinner in that a garishly repainted spinner can be seen parked in a driveway. A spinner car also rests on the Hill Valley Street during the hoverboard chase.

1982 Made for Movie Spinner, Blade Runner 1982

Another tribute to the Spinner from “Blade Runner” can be seen at various points in the Star Wars films Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The homage was made in part with regard to similarities between urban traffic of 2019 Los Angeles as portrayed in Blade Runner, and that of the city-planet Coruscant as depicted in the Star Wars prequels.

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