1993 “Jurassic Park”/ 1993 Ford Explorer XLT

The 1993 Ford Explorer XLT UN46 is a vehicle seen in a 1993 sci-fi adventure film “Jurassic Park” directed by Steven Spielberg. These cars were used as the Tour Vehicles which took visitors on a tour throughout Jurassic Park, passing by the different dinosaur paddocks of the park.

1993 Ford Explorer XLT UN46, Jurassic Park 1993

Starting at the Visitor Center, they continue off passing through the main gate and continuing on through the Dilophosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus rex paddocks. Due to the oncoming storm, Ray Arnold programmed the Tour Vehicles to return to the Visitor Center, but they never did.

Each Tour Vehicle possessed a self-navigation system. They had leather interiors, night-vision goggles under the seats, and a drinking tap that supplied visitors with water. Road flares, flashlights and brochures were stored in the trunk. Although the Tour Vehicles were powered by electricity from their track, their lights could have been powered non-stop by their batteries; when the T. Rex pushed EXP 04 off the track, the headlights and high beams continued to work. The top speed of the vehicles were 20/12 mph, which wasn’t very fast.

1993 Ford Explorer XLT UN46, Jurassic Park 1993

There were five 1993 Ford Explorer XLT based Tour Vehicles in a 1993 film “Jurassic Park”. But only two were in operation during the Isla Nublar Incident, on their first real test run of the park.

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