Daniel Craig and co film high-speed car chase in Rome

The makers of 2015’s new James Bond movie “Spectre” have whetted our interest for the 007 car chases with this preview video of the new Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar C-X75 in action.

Among other things, Daniel Craig and his stunt drivers are behind the wheel of the Aston – a special one-off dubbed DB10 and a loose precursor to the look of the new 2016 DB11. The producers also persuaded Jaguar to reawaken the canceled C-X75 hybrid supercar project. It’s driven by Bond baddie Mr Hinx, played by Dave Bautista, and gives a taste of what could have been had Jaguar not axed the project which had been approved as a roadgoing car to succeed the XJ220.

See a new video from the set of SPECTRE showing a car chase in Rome between Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 and the Jaguar C-X75 driven by Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista).

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