1963 “From Russia with Love”/ 1961 Chevrolet C-30 Apache Stake

Grant’s getaway vehicle, part of his escape route in 1963 spy action film “From Russia with Love” the second film in James Bond film series. Bond and Tatiana uses a 1961 Chevrolet C-30 Apache Stake and route from the train. They are attacked by a SPECTRE helicopter, but Bond manage to shoot it down, and the car brings them to the next step of the route, a boat.

1961 Chevrolet C-30 Apache Stake C3609, From Russia with Love 1963

This model is next generation of the popular pickups under the brand of Chevrolet, code named C-30. Till 1966 Chevrolet produced lot of versions of this small business truck, including even 4×4 fully closed vans for all terrain purposes.

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