1967 Toyota 2000GT MF10, You Only Live Twice

1967 “You Only Live Twice”/ 1967 Toyota 2000GT

The 1967 Toyota 2000GT is one of the most memorable cars from 1967 spy action film “You Only Live Twice”, the fifth film in the James Bond series. It was Aki’s company car in Tokyo.

1967 Toyota 2000GT MF10, You Only Live Twice 1967

The 1967 Toyota 2000GT first seen when Aki rescues James Bond, and secondly when they are persued by the villains. Aki uses the onboard television system to require assistans from her boss. He sends a helicopter. It removes the villains in their car by hoisting the car using a magnet. The villains in their car are later dropped in the ocean!

Very nice car, with superb look and technical innovations, like independent suspension, four-wheel power-assisted disc brakes and special Yamaha engineered straight six-cylinder 2,0 litre engine (originally taken from popular Toyota Crown).

1967 Toyota 2000GT MF10

The original movie car was renovated and its currently placed in museum at Toyotas headquarters in Japan. The second unit was resprayed blue, and is believed to have been used for racing-circuit testing in Japan. Its current status is unknown, although it is believed it may have been scrapped in the early 1970s. Some rumours say the car is in the private collection of a Toyota executive.

The James Bond Museum of the Dezer Collection (North Miami and Las Vegas, USA) shows a replica of the You Only Live Twice car, fitted with the original communications device interior panel from the vehicle used in the film.

Only 351 cars were produced (1965-68), mainly in white or red color. Other sources says production was 337 cars. This number includes two convertible Toyota 2000GT specially made – or adapted – for the Bond movie, due to Sean Connery’s height not allowing him to fit into the ultra-low coupe version. In fact Toyota never produced a 2000 GT convertible. The coupe was extremely low, just 45.7 in (116 cm) to the highest point of the roof, also filming the roofless version was much more easier.

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