1973 “Live and Let Die”/ 1947 AEC Regent III

The 1947 AEC Regent III is a double-decker bus seen in a 1973 spy action film “Live and Let Die”, stars sir Roger Moore as James Bond. Agent 007 used this vehicle to escape Kananga’s men with only one passenger on board. During a chase scenes the cold-blooded Englishman presented few tricks to eliminate or slow down the chasing opponents. Stunt scenes Roger Moore did personally, taking earlier some driving lessons with London bus instructor.

1947 AEC Regent III RT246, Live and Let Die 1973

However driving the 1947 AEC Regent III under low bridge was not included – not before support of special effect team who applied the rollers under the top deck. Thanks to this shooting went safely and perfectly, applying a pick of humour to the dramatic chase sequence.

1947 AEC Regent III RT246

James Bond steals this vehicle.

1947 AEC Regent III RT246

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