1979 “Mad Max”/ 1972 Ford Falcon Sedan XA

This MFP vehicle from 1979 film “Mad Max” directed by George Miller is a 1972 Ford Falcon Sedan XA, called the “March Hare” in the movie. The vehicle is seen driven by two MFP officers – Sarse and Scuttle.

1972 Ford Falcon XA, Mad Max 1979

The “March Hare” is a 6 cylinder Ford Falcon XA sedan, 1972. Curious fact about this Ford Falcon XA: unlike the other two yellow MFP cars which were ex-police cars, this one was an ex-taxi. It was already worn down and in poor condition before it was used in the film, as evidenced by smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe in the movie.

1972 Ford Falcon XA, Mad Max 1979

The vehicle already being in bad condition was scrapped shortly after the final crash sequence was shot. It is worth noting, that the film’s opening chase sequence was filmed last, therefore all of the MFP vehicles – including March Hare – are later seen in the movie in various states of disguise as well as in plain sight.

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