1972 Holden Monaro HQ, Mad Max 1979

1979 “Mad Max”/ 1972 Holden Monaro HQ

In 1979 film “Mad Max” the 1972 Holden Monaro HQ is first seen driven by Crawford “Nightrider” Montizano in the opening scenes of the movie. It is revealed that Nightrider killed a police officer, escaped custody, took a female passenger and stole the vehicle in Sun City. After all of the MFP officers are eliminated from pursuit except Max, the Nightrider is chased down and crashes in a fiery explosion.

1972 Holden Monaro HQ, Mad Max 1979

The vehicle is a 1972 Holden Monaro HQ, base model. It was originally purchased in mint condition from an elderly couple. The vehicle needed to appear damaged so the production crew drove it recklessly around Melbourne area, grinding it against guard rails to give it a desired look. The car was a straight 6 cylinder with a 4 speed manual. The white indicators and parking lights in the front bumper bar make it a 1972 model built between mid-1972 and December 1972 (starting from January 1973 cars were required to have amber indicators. The trim appears to be Antique Brown.

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