1979 “Mad Max”/ 1974 Ford Falcon Sedan XB

The 1974 Ford Falcon Sedan XB, was a Max’s yellow Inteceptor in 1979 dystopian action film “Mad Max” directed by George Miller. This car is often used in the movie, the first time driven by Max to chase the Nightrider. Max continues to use the vehicle to arrive at the wreckage of the Chevrolet Bel Air to retrieve the woman and find Johnny The Boy at the scene.

Ford Falcon XB 351 Sedan 1974, a former Victorian Police car in real life was bought by Kennedy and Miller to become Max’s standard issue MFP Interceptor. After the purchase it was handed over to Ray Beckerley of Graf-X to undergo modification along with other vehicles for the filming.

Max’s 1974 Ford Falcon Sedan XB Yellow Interceptor was one of the very few vehicles that were not damaged during filming. The vehicle was later sold off and until this day it is undetermined if the vehicle still exists or who is in its possession.

The vehicle’s ID number on the roof is 508.

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