1979 “Mad Max”/ 1974 Ford Falcon XB

In The 1974 Ford Falcon XB call sign “Big Bopper” was one of the MFP Police Cars which where used to patrol and uphold the law on the roads in the fictional future of dystopian Australian society in 1979 film “Mad Max” directed by George Miller. The vehicle is driven by Roop and Charlie and it’s most remembered for being continually kicked around and then getting back up again.

1974 Ford Falcon XB, Mad Max 1979

Originally a Victorian Police car it was equipped with a V8 302 motor. The make and model is identical to Max’s Yellow Interceptor. In the movie it carried the same colours as Maxs Yellow Intercpetor however the paint scheme was different. The flare kit used was the same as Maxs car, however the bonnet scoop was not fitted. The car was also the only one with “Pursuit” written on the boot.

The vehicle is first seen parked on the side of the road with Charlie sitting on the passenger seat while Roop is spying on people through the scope of his rifle. After being contacted by Sarse and Scuttle, the Big Bopper takes off and joins the chase after The Nightrider. The first encounter with the Nightrider almost ends up in a crash with the Big Bopper sliding sideways into a signpost, tearing the bonnet off.

1974 Ford Falcon XB, Mad Max 1979

Due to the nature of filming the movie, the opening shots were filmed last, so that all of the MFP vehicles could be seen later in the movie, most notably in the background. After crashing into George Miller’s Bongo Van, a new radiator had to be installed to keep the car going. After the final crash sequence was filmed, the “Big Bopper” was scrapped and ended up in a crusher and buried in land fill in Melbourne.

1974 Ford Falcon XB, Mad Max 1979

ID number on the roof of the car is MFP 08. And driver’s names are written on the driver side front fenders are Roop and Charlie.

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