1984 AMC Eagle 4WD Wagon, Back to the Future 1985

1985″Back to the Future”/ 1984 AMC Eagle 4WD Wagon

An orange wood-panel 1984 AMC Eagle 4WD Wagon is one of vehicles seen in 1984 science-fiction adventure comedy “Back to the Future” by Robert Zemeckis. This is Jennifer Parker’s father, Danny Parker Jr. car and it appears in scene when he drives into downtown Hill Valley to pick her up.

1984 AMC Eagle 4WD Wagon, Back to the Future 1985

The license plate of Jennifer Parker’s father’s 1984 AMC Eagle 4WD Wagon is 1J V8988.

The AMC Eagle is a four-wheel drive station wagon manufactured in the 1980s by American Motors. It was the first four-wheel drive crossover passenger car in America.

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