1989 “Batman”/ 1972 Dodge 3700 GT

The 1972 Dodge 3700 GT sedan was a Joker Goon Car in 1989 superhero film “Batman” directed by Tim Burton. The vehicle was painted in The Joker’s trademark colors purple and green. The body was purple, with both the hood and tire rims green. Multi-colored lights were strung around the rear window, and fuzzy dice hung from the rear-view mirror of the 1972 Dodge 3700 GT.

1972 Dodge 3700 GT, Batman 1989

When Batman and Vicki Vale fled from the Flugelheim Museum, Joker ordered his Goons to pursue them. Batman parked the Batmobile in front, near the two Goon Cars and Joker’s Van. When Batman and Vicki raced away in the Batmobile, the Goons piled into both of the Goon Cars and followed in pursuit.

In fact they supplied two Dodge 3700 GT cars for this film. In the big stunt crash one of the Dodge cars was damaged so it was replaced with a Chevrolet Malibu.

The Joker Goon 1972 Dodge 3700 GT license plate was 6S-7-JOS.

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