1981 Burlington Centurion, Total Recall 1990

1990 “Total Recall”/ 1981 Burlington Centurion

A 1981 Burlington Centurion is one of the not made for movie but real futuristic concept car you can see in 1990 science fiction action film “Total Recall” directed by Paul Verhoeven. It was a background car, but it looks very nice.

1981 Burlington Centurion, Total Recall 1990

This was designed by Quincy Lynn Enterprises (later Robert Q Riley Enterprises) of Arizona, and marketed as a set of plans for home construction. We can tell that Burlington Centurion Designed for economy rather than performance. It was based on a Triumph Spitfire chassis, but was intended to be fitted with a 17-bhp 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine.

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