1951 Studebaker, The Mask 1994

1994 “The Mask”/ 1951 Studebaker

Jim Carrey’s “loaner” car from movie “The Mask” (1994) the one of the must famous cinema clunkers. And if you interesting in what brand of this car the answer is obvious this is 1951 Studebaker. But is you are interesting which model nobody can answer right.

1951 Studebaker, The Mask 1994

If you are interesting why, because inquiring glance finds the parts and details of three models of Studebaker of a year 1951. This is the details which is unique to 1951 Studebaker Commander, Studebaker Champion and 1951 Studebaker Land Cruiser, so no one can answer right. But that does no matter, because by the plot that was just a clunker. Nothing more.

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