1996 Ferrari F355 Spider, The Rock

1996 “The Rock”/ 1996 Ferrari F355 Spider

To many people wonder is it was a real Ferrari F355 Spider in 1996 Michael Bay’s movie “The Rock” scene when the tram crushes it. We are not sure. But it seems to be not.

1996 Ferrari F355 Spider, The Rock

When Goodspeed gets in yellow Ferrari and closes the door, you can see that it’s the door of the real F-355. Later when the tram destroys the car, the door is that of the stunt vehicle and, understandably, not of the real Ferrari. Same thing with a chassis.

And yes, When Goodspeed jump in Ferrari he directly puts the third gear.

Too much expensive and very rare car by the way to be crushed. Only approx 3700 Ferrari Ferrari F355 Spider was built for the all time of production since 1995 to 1999.

By following link you can find all the cars from “The Rock” (1996).

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