Austin Powers International Man of Mystery 1997

1997 “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”/ 1961 Jaguar E-Type

This 1960’s era E-Type Jaguar used to promote 1997’s “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” as known as shagadelic Shaguar thanks filmmakers for that funny words. And it definitely one of fanciest convertibles in cinema history.

1961 Jaguar E-Type, Austin Powers International Man of Mystery 1997

The Austin Powers Jaguar E-Type aka Shaguar was painted by hand in the British flag colors. Luxury interior roadster Jaguar E-Type is decorated with blue and red leather.

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery 1997

The popularity of the car so huge that a large number Austin Powers E-Type of сollectible scale models produced and sold worldwide. You collect them? Must have than.

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