1997 BMW 540i E39, Gone in Sixty Seconds 2000

2000 “Gone in Sixty Seconds”/ 1997 BMW 540i

In a 2000 action heist film “Gone in Sixty Seconds” a 1997 BMW 540i E39 was a detective Castlebeck’s car to pursue main character Randall “Memphis” Raines riding in 1967 Shelby GT500 Eleanor in final main chasing scene. Those cars driven quite aggressively at the end of the movie.

1997 BMW 540i E39, Gone in Sixty Seconds 2000

Could have been more dramatic. No sounds of the V-8 howling, no tires spinning. No special interior or exterior shots, no close-ups. By the way this BMW 540i was by no means the center of attention – the Shelby GT500 was.

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