2002 “The Transporter”/ 1999 BMW 735iL

Frank Martin is a highly skilled driver known as “The Transporter.” He will transport anything, no questions asked, always on time, and he is known as the best in the business.

BMW 735iL, 2002 Transporter,

He strictly follows three rules when transporting: Rule Number 1: “Don’t change the deal.” Rule Number 2: “No names”, and Rule Number 3: “Never open the package.” And his car was BMW 735iL E38.

The film says that the car is from Frank BMW 735 E38 in 1999, but in 1998 there was a restyled body of the E38 (the headlights and the rear of the car were modified, as well as the interior and some parts of the skirts) and pre-styling ceased to be produced. However, in the film it was the pre-style BMW E38. If Frank had a car in 1999, it should have been restyled.

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