2008 “Iron Man”/ 2005 Saleen S7

The Saleen S7 is a famous sports car model from the Saleen Automotive car brand. It was one of Tony Stark’s cars, and it was seen in his garage in the film “Iron Man” (2008).

2005 Saleen S7, Iron Man 2008

First time Tony’s 2005 Saleen S7 can be seen in his garage as he fixes the engine of his 1932 Ford Model B Flathead Roaster. The car can later be seen when Tony asks Pepper to replace the old Arc Reactor in his chest with a new one. This car also appeared in few scenes of film “Iron Man”.

When Tony works to refine his Iron Man Armor, he tests the prototype Leg Repulsors and Hand Repulsors for Flight Stabilization. In this episode he flies and hovers above all his cars, including the Saleen S7. When Tony crashing down through his house all the way to the basement and lands on his 1967 Shelby Cobra Replica and destroying it. The Saleen S7 can be seen beside after, as it alarms along with all the cars.

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