2014 “Need for Speed”/ 2014 Ford Mustang GT

Continuing a long tradition of wonderful adaptation of video games into movies the Need for Speed racing game franchise has a movie, and it star was an awesome looking Ford Mustang GT.

2014 Ford Mustang GT S197, Need for Speed 2014

And this is not just any Mustang but a specially customized by FoMoCo Ford Mustang GT from the outside doesn’t look to radically different than many other custom Mustangs we’ve seen, but has an absurd 900 HP under that bulging hood. Because as they sayd “a hero car needs a hero engine”.

The others “Need for Speed” Mustang features is a custom-designed wide body, unique 22-inch alloy wheels, and larger air intakes to feed the supercharged V8 engine under its classic Mustang twin-nostril hood.

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