Audi Quattro Fleet Shuttle Concept

This car was virtually created for “Ender’s Game”. This is no real car, Audi was digitally modelled the Quattro Fleet Shuttle to be driven by actor Harrison Ford’s character. In fact he was actually filmed inside an Audi A7 Sportback. We know that futuristic design was then added by CGI artists in film post-production.

With futuristic design and cutting edge the car looks great. The roof of the car is almost entirely see-through, so the neon green light that picks out details on the interior can be seen from outside. Wheels are surrounded by the car’s chassis, with tyres that only exposed at contact points with the ground. With its visionary design, the Audi fleet shuttle quattro blends easily into the world of the science fiction feature film and combines futuristic design with groundbreaking technology. And it is Audi! I want to ask you, when was the last time you saw a movie where the car оf the main character was Audi? I can not recall of such a movie, expect “Iron Man”, “I Robot” and “Hitman”.

Also this car will go down in history as the first car completely virtually created for the movie. An exception may be the only Batmobile in the first serials. But it was not hi-technology and computer graphics. But Audi Quattro Fleet Shuttle Concept from “Ender’s Game” is purely virtual prototype.

“The fictional Audi fleet shuttle quattro seen in the film Ender’s Game marks the first time the car company has unveiled a purely virtual Audi in a feature film. True to the company’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” philosophy, the brand with the four rings collaborated with director Gavin Hood and the production team to use the latest technology to digitally and seamlessly integrate the Audi fleet shuttle quattro into the futuristic environment of the film”, – reported at Dezen about this Audi Concept.

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