China Guy Builds His Own Batmobile Replica Made From Scrap Metal

Craftsmens from China do not get tired to surprise us of their creations. This time one China guy and his friends made Batmobile replica from scrap metal! Repeats supercar Tumbler from «Batman Begins» and «The Dark Knight» movies, but it has an unpleasant nuance – it has no engine. But maybe it’s not so important.

Media reported that the author of this project was 26-year-old businessman from Shanghai Lee Weilei, who together with his friends built a Bat Car from scrap metal taken at the nearest landfill. To carry out this project it took about two months of work and 70,000 yuan, which is about 12,000 dollars. When this scrap metal has been used for about 10 tonnes.

Acording Weilei to create an exact Replica of Bat Car for reasonable money, he and his friends had to save on everything. However, he also added that their creation – not only the Batmobile replica, which was created by the hands of enthusiasts. But the fact that only in China was built about a dozen of these replicas, two of which are on display in Shanghai, and the rest – in other cities of China.

Note that the Batmobile from China was much cheaper than the original: so, Tumbler, starring in the movie «Batman Begins» and «The Dark Knight», according to the rough estimations estimated 100 times more expensive.

True, the Batmobile replica, built Shanghai Batman movie fans have one unpleasant nuance – this Tumbler replica has no engine, while the original Bat Car was equipped with 5.7-liter V8! The fact that enthusiasts simply could not find a unit more or less suitable for their offspring, making them the Batmobile used exclusively for exhibition purposes.

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