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Collection of cars from the James Bond movies will be auctioned

Collection of 59 cars from the James Bond movies will be auctioned. However, you can only purchase the collection in its entirety.

A unique collection of James Bond cars on sale for $33 millions. In addition to dozens of legendary cars, collection includes a Soviet T-55 tank, boat, helicopter and other equipment from the films about the exploits of agency 007.

It is known that the current owner of a unique collection of James Bond cars – businessman Michael Deser, one of the partners of the notorious Donald Trump started collecting cars in 2011, but in that time he acquired an impressive fleet of unique vehicles, representing a large collection value.

The greatest representation in the list of James Bond cars – cars of the British brand Aston Martin. Six copies of these cars – two legendary Aston Martin DB5 and several contemporary models that have appeared in recent films. For example, the collection includes disappears when pressed Aston Martin V12 Vanquish from “Die Another Day”.

No less delight collectors is the presence in this collection Lotus Esprit, converted into an amphibious vehicle, which appeared in the film “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

It is curious that almost immediately after the shooting of this film unique vehicle disappeared from sight. But the fact that the machine was placed in a container of stock, so yes and forgot about it . The container was leased for 10 years , but to pick up the contents of no one came. As a result, without opening the container , an ordinary American businessman sold for $100. When he opened it, it did not immediately realize that the slightly crumpled car , even without wheels, is worth a fortune. However, the sale of this instance enriching it by a few hundred thousand dollars.

The collection also found a place and a representative of another British brands – Jaguar XKR from the film “Die Another Day” driven the James Bond enemy. With a few heat-seeking missiles and mortars, hidden in the depths of the body Convertible Jaguar XKR, the villain tried in vain to destroy the agent.

Another unique exhibit – French runabout Citroen 2CV, on which agency 007 rolled in the film “For Your Eyes Only”. Normally this car came with a small fuel-efficient engine , but for the filming had to be replaced by a 4-liter boxer engine , as the scenario had to overtake more powerful Peugeot 504S.

Prominent place in the collection and occupy such machines as Toyota 2000 GT from the movie “You live only twice”, and Ford Mustang Mach 1, which in the film “Diamonds Are Forever” agency 007 passed through a narrow alley on two wheels. Besides the original models are there to sell the collection and neat copy. For example , Rolls-Royce Phantom III, filmed in “Goldfinger”.

There was a place in the collection and Soviet cars. Among them Lada Riva (aka VAZ-2105) and GAZ “Volga” , starred in several episodes of “Octopussy”. These cars are also among the for sale .

In addition to dozens of cars from films about agency 007, the future owner of the collection will receive a Soviet tank T-55 , who starred in the film “Golden Eye” , terrain hovercraft from the film “Die Another Day” and cutter, which cut through the Bond in the film “Live and let Die“.

And also the buyer will get a motor boat, which over a 15- minute chase ran Pierce Brosnan in the movie “The World Is Not Enough”. In addition to the collection includes sold souvenirs , posters and photographs dedicated to James Bond.

And it is a complete list of the instances that have been put up for sale:

Land Rover
Soviet tank T-55
Cagiva motorcycle
Lotus Esprit Turbo
Aston Martin DB5
BSA Lightning motorcycle
Aston Martin DBS
Toyota 2000GT
Triumph Stag
Jaguar XKR
BMW 750il
BMW R1200
Aston Martin V8
Lotus Esprit Turbo
Lotus Esprit S1
Aston Martin V8
Lotus Esprit
Helicopter shell
Lotus Esprit Submarine
Aston Martin Vanquish
Fairey Huntress
Parahawk & figure
Q Boat
Road version Hovercraft
Glastron GT150
Alfa Romeo 159
Wetbikes x 2
Kawasaki Z900
Renault 11 half car
Ford Mustang Mach 1
BMW Motorcycle
GP Beach Buggy
Litte Nellie Autogiro
Dragon tank
Replica Mini Bede Jet
Gaz Volga
Mini Citroen 2CV
Replica 2CV
Replica AMC Hornet
MP Lafer
Q Boat
Renault 11 Taxi
Rolls Royce Sedanca de Ville
Ford Thunderbird
Land Rover
Lada Riva
Lockheed Jetstar Jet
Land Rover
Audi A5
Lotus Mould
Reef Ranger Mini submarine

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