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Did Vin Diesel really lift the Car in Fast and Furious 7?

Well I’m talking about the red Car that he did lift in Abu Dhabi.

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Asif Chamanshaikh

Well I am not sure whether Vin Diesel did it or not but I am sure that it is possible for a man like him to do it,Because:

  • The Car shown is a Lykan HyperSport made by W Motors.
  • This is actually a high end Ultra-Sports car with Luxury.
  • This kind of cars actually have extremely high Power-to-Weight ratio.That mean they are specially developed to create extreme power with extremly less (Engine+Chassis) weight.They have very less Chassis weight.
  • Maximum weight is concentrated at the Engine.
  • This is because they are made of composite materials like Carbon Fibre,which is an Aircraft grade Material(Very very less weight but high strength).
  • These type of cars have their Engine located at the Rear.This is to maintain the centre of gravity,reduce torsion on axles and improve Traction.
  • Now the World record for lifting maximum Weight is in the name of Paul Anderson(lifted 2844.02 Kg-Back Lift).We cannot compare Vin Diesel with The Professional Weight-Lifter but we still can know how feasible it is.
  • The Situation given that : The Kerb Weight of Lykan Hypersport is 1380 kg.removing all the oil,fuel,accessories and components(like Seat covers and e.t.c.) the weight can be reduced to 1250 kg.Vin deisel is not expected to lift the car entirely like Paul Anderson,but he has to just apply force to the front of the car where engine is not present,that means he has to use the perpendicular distance between engine and point of force application as Lever.(The engine has not to be lifted but tilted)As the weight of car is maximum at Engine only.
  • When done with help of these Lever Arm Principle the actual weight to me lifted or force applied becomes very little.This force can be calculated by using Science of Solid Mechanics and I am sure it will be in the range for people with physique like Vin Diesel.
    Live Long & Prosper.

Phil Williams

You can’t be serious? let’s assume this car has a 50 50 weight distribution, actually lets be kind and say 60% rear 40% front. that means 40% of a minimum 1250kg is going over the front wheels. That gives a nice round 500kg he has to deadlift. Thats 50okg straight from the floor (admittedly it will get lighter as he gets higher as the weight distribution will shift and CofG, Second moment of Area will change etc…). The deadlift world record is currently 462 kg. Thats with a barbell which actually has something to grip – forgetting the fact that you realistically need lifting straps for anything above 350kg (assuming you’re an absolute mutant). For these very few reasons and many many more I don’t have time to explain there is no way in hell Vin Diesel lifted this. He may have a big ish upper body but you would need horses legs for this.

Ray Smith

Yes that would be possible to do. This car is a rear engine car and he lifted the front of the car off the ground.


Just like all the other car stunts he performed, including jumping off an aircraft in a weirdly modded car.

Via www.quora.com


  • W Motors Lykan HyperSport

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