Ford Falcon XA

The Ford Falcon (XA) is a full-size car that was produced by Ford Australia from 1972 to 1973. It was the first iteration of the third generation of this Australian-made model and also included the Ford Fairmont (XA) — the luxury-oriented version of the Falcon.

Sold between March 1972 and September 1973, the XA series was the first Falcon to be completely designed and manufactured in Australia. It featured an entirely new body which was larger and more roomy than that of its XY series predecessor. The XA range also had a longer list of options and a wider choice of engines with the 4.1-litre six now available with either a single or double venturi carburettor. Wagons now featured a longer wheelbase than the sedans and an optional dual-action tailgate that could be opened either downwards or sideways.

The addition of a two-door Hardtop to the range marked the first time that this body style had been offered on an Australian Falcon since the XP series of 1965–1966. The Hardtop’s longer doors with frameless windows were shared with the Utility and Van, with a different shape glass to suit the commercial vehicles’ body apertures. The shorter doors of the sedan and wagon with their framed windows were also available with optional quarter vent windows, though these were very rare. This option was discontinued in the subsequent XB and XC models.

A total of 129,473 XAs were built. While successful, the XA Falcon range proved to be short-lived as it gained a significant frontal appearance update to become the XB series in October 1973.

Ford Falcon XB GT
Ford Falcon XB GT

Model range

Sedans and Wagons were introduced in March 1972, the Hardtops in August 1972 and the Utilities and Vans in October of that year.

Falcon Sedan
Falcon 500 Sedan
Futura Sedan
Fairmont Sedan
Falcon GT Sedan
Falcon Wagon
Falcon 500 Wagon
Fairmont Wagon
Falcon 500 Hardtop
Fairmont Hardtop
Falcon GT Hardtop
Falcon Utility
Falcon 500 Utility
Falcon Van


Engine 3.3L (200ci) 6-cyl (130 bhp)
4.1L (250ci) 6-cyl (155 bhp)
4.1L (250ci) 6-cyl (170 bhp)
4.9L (302ci) V8 (240 bhp)
5.8L (351ci) V8 (260 bhp)
5.8L (351ci) V8 (300 bhp) (GT only)


3-speed manual
4-speed manual
3-speed automatic


Wheelbase 2819 mm
Length 4737 mm
Width 1900 mm
Height 1369 mm
Curb weight 1369 kg


Ford Falcon XA in 1979 “Mad Max” movie
1972 Ford Falcon XA

In movies ford Falcon XA was in movie Mad Max relised in 1979. This is a one of Main Force Patrol yellow interceptors called Marsh Hare (Sarse & Scuttle).

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