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“Furious 7” leads US box office for 4th week

“Furious 7” continues to break box office records and, as of this weekend, has made even more in ticket sales than the hugely successful “Frozen” by Disney — in just only weeks!

Blockbuster topped the box office totals for the fourth straight week and making about $18.26 million this past weekend. Since Furious 7 debuted at the beginning of the month, racing movie has brought in $320.536 million just at the domestic box office.

In additional the latest film in the “Fast and Furious” franchise made an additional $1 million in foreign sales yet. The celebrated racing movie has now made more than $1.32 million worldwide.

This stunning total makes “Furious 7” the fifth-highest grossing movie of all time. With this weekend’s haul it edged out Disney’s “Frozen”, bumping the animated favorite to sixth place. The racing movie could still climb in the rankings as it sits just $20 million below the fourth most financially successful film, 2011’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

The “Avengers” holds the number 3 spot with a 2012 total of $1.518 billion, while 1997’s “Titanic” comes in second with an epic international gross of $2.186 billion. Finally, atop the list is the worldwide success “Avatar”, which made $2.787 billion in 2009.