Le Fantome: New Ford Promo Movie Stars Mads Mikkelsen

The new short film “Le Fantome” (The Ghost), created for the new Ford Edge SUV, centers around an enigmatic stranger and a couple who no longer exist. This is technically a commercial for a car, but it’s also an intriguing short film made by a good filmmaker.

Directed by Jake Scott and starring Mads Mikkelsen, the dramatic eight-minute movie shows the “Hannibal” actor as an assassin in pursuit of a couple starting a new life under witness protection, but things get complicated. As he watches the pair closely and is about to attack, he gets distracted after catching a glimpse of the new Ford vehicle from afar. And it’s fun to see Mikkelsen doing this and the short has a mysterious edge to it – almost like in James Bond movies.

You can find “Le Fantome” (The Ghost) short video by the link:

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