Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental in the Matrix trilogy by the Wachowskis

Lincoln Continental. This car we see in the first few scenes of the cult movie trilogy “The Matrix,” by The Wachowskis. This car shown in “The Matrix» (1999), “The Matrix Reloaded” (2003) and “The Matrix Revolutions” (2003).

1965 Lincoln Continental from 1999 “The Matrix”
1965 Lincoln Continental, The Matrix 1999

In both films the same Lincoln Continental just different years. When you look at the grille Lincoln in the movie of “The Matrix» you accurately determine that this 1965 Lincoln Continental. Only one year produced with such Lincoln grille. But in “The Matrix Reloaded”“The Matrix Revolutions” we see 1963 Lincoln Continental. Conceptually, this is the same car. Goof? Maybe yes, maybe no, but actually, what’s the difference?

Both Lincolns from “The Matrix” trilogy are models of the one era. For example the exterior of Lincoln Continental changes were subtle character till until 1965. For example, the model 1963 grew to a few centimeters of the original model. And this is the first half of the sixties, when the design of the majority of American cars has changed from year to year. By the way, the car from “The Matrix» Lincoln Continental fourth generation.

1963 Lincoln Continental from 2003 “The Matrix Reloaded”
1963 Lincoln Continental, The Matrix Reloaded 2003

Some facts about Linclon Continental:
• Based on the Lincoln Continental was in its time was built Lincoln Continental Presedential – Limousine of U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
• Lincoln Continental – one of the most expensive American car of its time – the cost of the car was in the range of $6000-7000. For comparison, the iconic Ford Mustang in 1965 was worth $ 2,500.
• The warranty period is 2 years of operation, or 24 thousand miles run – the best offer, judging by the promotional posters of the sixties.
• The design elements of the fourth-generation Lincoln Continental, designed Elwood Engel, found in some concept cars of Ford, as well as the Lincoln Navigator in the form of the 2007 model year.

1963 Lincoln Continental from 2003 “The Matrix Revolutions”
1963 Lincoln Continental, The Matrix Revolutions 2003

1965 Lincoln Continental – the car is massive, however, having a length of 5.4 meters, at one time the car was positioned as a “compact car”. And if compared with the previous generation, then as much as 40 centimeters shorter. Also we note that the Lincoln Continental was one of the largest automobile engines that were in the line of Ford and Lincoln.

Lincoln Continental sizes:
• Length 5.4 meters
• Width of 1.96 m
• Height of 1.37 m
• Wheelbase of 3.2 m

The vehicle may be equipped with one of the three types of engines: V8 Ford MEL engine c of 430 or 462 cubic inches (7,6 and 7 liters. Respectively) or V8 Ford 385-series engine, a volume of 460 cubic inches (7,5 liters ). Engine power is 300-320 hp (SAE gross). Transmission – a three-step automatic Ford-O-Matic or C6 (in production until the end of the 90s!).

• Maximum speed – 185 km / h
• Acceleration to 97 km / h (0-60 miles per hour) – in 10.7 seconds.
• Fuel consumption – about 17 liters per 100 km in the city and about 21 liters per 100 km in city driving.

In addition to “The Matrix” Lincoln Continental fourth generation appeared in many films, for example, in the movie “The Last Action Hero», in the film “California” and “Inspector Gadget” and “Live Free or Die Hard”.

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