Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental

It’s not easy to say when the debut of the car in the movie. One of the earliest occurrences of the Lincoln Continental in the film can be considered in Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Marnie”, as well as in the third James Bond film “Goldfinger». Both films came out in 1964. However, it is known for certain when the debut of this car for sale – it took place in 1960.

However, in most publications about the history of the Lincoln brand is mentioned in 1961 that, in principle, not surprisingly, in the U.S. the next model year opened in the autumn. Respectively in 1961 and the model sold in the autumn of 1960.

1961 Lincoln Continental convertible
1961 Lincoln Continental convertible. Photo: That Hartford Guy

Unique design of the Lincoln Continental was created by designer Elwood Engel. The car had a suicide doors, and one of the most striking features for its time, was the size of the model.

Lincoln Continental Engine
Lincoln Continental Engine. Photo: Greg Gjerdingen

Year by year, American cars were added to the size, as for the Lincoln Continental, this model was a 14.8 “(380 mm) shorter than its predecessor. With a very respectable size – from 5.4 meters in length Lincoln Continental was positioned as a compact car premium class, so compact that advertisers Ford Motors Company photographed woman during parallel parking Lincoln Continental and put this picture on the covers of popular magazines.

Also the car was renowned for its basis was established limousine John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

JFK Lincoln Continental
JFK Lincoln Continental. Photo: Jerry Huddleston

The car had a guarantee of 24 thousand miles, as it was the car with one of the largest automobile engine (430 cu in (7.0 L) – MEL V8, 460 cu in (7.5 L) – 385-series V8, 462 cu in (7.6 L ) MEL V8).

Prices for Lincoln Continental at the time ranged from $ 5,400 U.S. to compare Ford Mustang at the time of its debut within cost $ 2,500.

More details about this car can be found in the post Lincoln Continental in the Matrix trilogy by the Wachowskis. Also, this car appeared in “The Last Action Hero”, “Waterworld”, “Inspector Gadget”, “The Matrix Revolutions”, “Live Free or Die Hard” and other films.

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