Porsche 996 Tina from Gone in 60 Seconds

Porsche 996 Tina from “Gone in 60 Seconds” (2000)

This car is very often refered as the “hot wired» start up button for “Gone in 60 seconds” (2000) film starring Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Robert Duval and Giovanni Ribisi, prodused by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Dominic Sena. This is the Porshe 996, and her name is Tina. But we know, that Tina in not stock Porsche 911 type 996, but in fact it’s a customized 1978 Porsche 911.

Porsche 996 Tina from Gone in 60 Seconds
Porsche 996 Tina from Gone in 60 Seconds. Photo: Baret-Jackson

Porsche 996 Tina from Gone in 60 Seconds
Porsche 996 Tina from Gone in 60 Seconds

In the film “Tina» “has the number one job to kick-start this fuel injected film, when Keep Raines (Giovanni Ribisi) smashes the Porsche dilership’s glass door with a brick, they race inside and “Mirror Man» Reads off Tina’s stock number 42850 to Kip. Then with keys in hand, they jump into “Tina” and crash through the Porsche dealership’s front glass window. Soon after, Kip’s careless ways gets “Tina” in a full-throttle street race that ends up leading the police to the warehouse full of boosted cars. Now with Kip’s life is in the hands of an evil mobster. Legendary car booster “Memphis Rains” (Nicolas Cage) comes out of retirement to save his brother’s life», – prweb.

We know, that “Tina’s” legacy and her tribute to H.B. Toby “Car Crash King” Halicki and his 1974 “Gone in 60 Seconds” film is she was the first to put the “pedal to the metal” and crash through something. Director Sena also knows about “crashing things up” and the “Car Crash King” because Sena worked as a cameraman on Halicki’s second film “The Junkman.” (“The Junkman” is in Guinness Book of Records for crashing over 250 cars, trucks, motorcycles and airplanes in one movie.)

By the way, Tina is not stock Porsche 911 type 996, but it’s a customized Porsche.

No detal was spared in Tina’s creation, the amazing SPS Porsche Builders were hired to custom build Tina for the movie. She needed to be safe for actor Giovanni Ribisi and stunt driver Johny Martin, because Tina is not going to be computer generation in the stunts. She did her street race and crushing through the window.

Tina started she life as a 1978 Porsche 911 but
but to appear in “Gone in 60 Seconds” it was rebuilt. Tina’s 1978 911 body was striped down, including the roof and whith great expert craftsmanship a new 1999 996 composite fiberglass body (all factory original NOS Porsche parts made in Germany) was handcrafted onto Tina’s chassis. The driver and passenger windows are able to be kicked out in case of emergency.

There is only one “Gone in 60 Seconds» “Tina». This car has been celebrated in the movie, trailers, media press photos and lobby cards. This car was sold Denice Halicki co-producer Gone in 60 Seconds film 2000 from auction on may 2011. It’s known, what the final price of the Porsche 911 Tina from Gone in 60 seconds was $38,500 in the auction. VIN of this car is 9118210372.

Photo from baret-jackson.com

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