Rowan Atkinson, McLaren F1

Rowan Atkinson sells his McLaren F1 supercar for £8 million

Rowan Atkinson actor sells his £8million McLaren F1 supercar in one of Britain’s biggest ever car deals – even though he crashed it twice.

The Mr Bean actor has made a big profit after selling his McLaren F1 super car for £8 million – four years after crashing it and triggering ‘Britain’s biggest ever insurance claim’.

The McLaren F1 is powered by a 6.1-litre V12 engine developing a staggering 627 BHp. It is a record for a non super or turbocharged car.

It will do 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds and accelerate all the way to 241 mph.

It must be one of the most interesting secondhand cars money can buy.

Atkinson bought his beloved McLaren F1 car in 1997 for around £540,000. In 2011, after crashing into a hedge in Oxfordshire, his insurance company was handed a £910,000 repair bill in what is thought to be the biggest ever single car insurance claim.

But while most cars would lose value when they are involved in a serious crash, the 240mph F1 is different and its price has continued to rise. Then Rowen Atkinson recently decided that it was time to sell up after the F1 became “a thing of value”. He put car on the market for £8 million with specialist car dealer Taylor & Crawley.

David Clark, boss of Taylor & Crawley and the man who originally sold Atkinson the F1, confirmed he has sold it reports

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