Shelby GT500 In Gone In 60 Seconds in fact was 1967 Ford Mustang

Do you know that all Shelby’s GT500 filmed in “Gone in 60 Seconds» (2000) in fact was not a stock Shelby GT?

Eleanor is meant to be a 1967 Shelby GT500, but it’s really a customized Mustang fastback. All that cars were created at Hollywood Cinema Vehicle Services from 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. The new look of the car came up the famous illustrator Steve Stanford, and embodied in the metal and plastic known Californian designer Chip Foose, made from a fiberglass prototype hood, front trim, front kit, overhangs and other elements Eleanor.

12 cars were involved directly in the filming, and only one of them was actually a Shelby GT500-personal vehicle Jerry Bruckheimer.

• Grills of Shelby GT500 from “Gone in 60 Seconds” was made from parts intended for vans Chevy Astro.

• All the cars that were used in the film the wheels are the same as in the Ford GT40 – 17×8-inch wheels Schmidt, c tires P245/40ZR17 Goodyear Eagle F1.

• In the scene where the hero shifts gears attentive viewer will notice two types of scenes.

• Side exhaust pipes and fuel cap side of the body were not functional.

Also we know that Shelby GT 500 is equipped with a 427 c. i. Cobra Jet or 428 c.i. Ford Interceptor engines. The most powerful of all Eleanor involved in the film, was one of the very last scene it was powered by the Ford Motorsport 351 (351 c.i., or 5.8 liters) and all the other cars were equipped with Ford’s weaker engines volume 289 c.i. (4.8 liters), as in a conventional Mustang V8.

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