Aston Martin DB10, new James Bonds car, James Bonds car in Spectre

The Aston Martin DB10 will be James Bond’s New Car In “Spectre”

Daniel Craig will return to play 007 in the new James Bond film “Spectre” and Aston Martin will return as the new James Bond’s car with this custom Aston Martin DB10. This car was developed specifically for and they’re building ten of them, but none that you can buy.

Aston Martin DB10, new James Bonds car, James Bonds car in Spectre

Although Bond it will steer even a tiny Fiat 500, its host machine will be a new Aston Martin’s car. The company recently unveiled the new James Bond’s Aston Martin, published in his official Twitter the first image of this car – a sports car that gets Index DB10.

More on the new Aston, they have also not so much. DB10 will be built on a new platform, get new engines, and also change the appearance of the car. In this sense, “Ten” gives first glimpse what key designers work Aston Martin.

In fact, the new James Bomd’s car is stage show-car prothotype, designed specifically for the movie “Spectre”. However, the publication Autocar supposes that the stylistic features of the new Bondmobile will appear on future Aston Martin models.

True, it is also not clear, and how it will be called serial sports car. Earlier it was reported that most of the top managers in favor of the name of the DB10, but some of the senior management of the Aston Martin insists on maintaining index DB9. So far, only one thing is certain: the next generation, which debuted in the 2016th, and in this there is no doubt.

According to preliminary data, the coupe will be built on a new aluminum chassis, which will replace the current V12 engine. It is expected that the novelty will be equipped with bi-turbo “eight” co-production with the Mercedes-AMG, the capacity of which will be about 500 horsepower – these engines will be installed on a new model to replace the atmospheric V12 from Ford. In late 2013 Aston Martin and Daimler AG concern signed an agreement on technical cooperation. One of the points of the agreement provides for the joint development of engines V8.

Shooting of the new James Bond movie, which again will play Daniel Craig, will start on Monday, December 8th. Movie will be shot, including, in Rome, Mexico City and Tangier (Morocco), as well as in the Austrian Alps and in the British film studio Pinewood. Spectre premiere in November 2015.

By the way, adventures 007 fans can spend entertaining historical parallels: before you embark on a conveyor belt, in the James Bond movies were shown Aston Martin DBS. BMW models Z3 and Z8, as well as the Ford Mondeo.

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