Tony Stark Acura NSX Roadster Concept from "The Avengers

Tony Stark’s Acura NSX Roadster from “The Avengers»: the super expensive and economical

Imagine a car that consumes less than a liter per 100 kilometers. Incredible, is not it? Do you want to buy this car? Now imagine that it is not compact car, but a real supercar worth nearly ten million dollars. And this is Tony Starks Acura NSX Roadster from “The Avengers». And this is the real supercar, but not the microcar!

In such a sum estimated prototype Acura NSX Roadster, created by the luxury division of Honda Corporation for the filming of “The Avengers» based on the comics by Marwel. I think that in the world there would be a number of wealthy people who could afford to save so.

To date, the mystical Acura NSX Roadster Concept is the most expensive priced cars from those that lit up in the movie. Concept from Acura easier – based on crossover Acura MDX, which we also see in the movie “The Avengers” is also being evaluated in a fabulous sum – U.S. $ 6 million. To be more precise, it is not lit, and have been specifically designed for a particular movie, because we know that Acura has acted as the general sponsor of the film “The Avengers.”

It’s no secret that the buyers of premium cars, which include brand Acura, always open a great choice. Enter one of the “equal” – is not easy, but to stand out among them is even harder. For example, crossovers Acura MDX on the North American market are as low as 43 thousand dollars and is positioned above and J-segment. A major competitors in it – this is BMW X5, Lexus RX, Infiniti FX – upscale cars, but still somewhat similar to each other. In general, someone with something to surprise here – not an easy task. Ideally, the image of the car firmly stuck in the imagination of potential buyers, and not just as it happened with the famous DeLorean from “Back to the Future”, or 1967 Shelby GT500 from “Gone in 60 seconds.” But just try and turn a trick with a common, though not the cheapest crossover? Difficult, is not it? And here enters the heavy artillery and that – supercar Acura NSX Roadster.

First super-expensive Acura concepts were presented to the public at the world premiere of “The Avengers” in Hollywood El Capitan Theater. The unique mystical Acura NSX Roadster on the red carpet brought Robert Downey Jr aka Tony Stark in “The Avengers,” “The Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man,” based on the comics by Marwel. In addition to capture the imagination of the prototypes was also represented a modest sedan Acura TL, which we see in the film.

At present there are only some of the technical characteristics of the mystical Acura NSX Roadster from “The Avengers,” but they are no less impressive than the price of the car. For example, there is information that the mystical palladiumnym roadster is equipped with a 32-valve engine with titanium forging unit and Nitro Oxide injection. Gear shifting is done by 9-speed robotized transmission. Effective slowdown Acura roadster from “The Avengers” is provided by the brake system with diamond quartz perforated brake calipers … Damn, it sounds! Well, the fact that loud sounds can also be noted that the body of the roadster is covered bulletproof metal coating (considering body type – this is nonsense, but nonetheless), and also bulletproof tires for this supercar. In addition, a car packed with the most high-tech gadgets, such as the steering wheel, identifying the owner on the palms, plus anti theft scanning modular, plus the windshield with the night vision and HUD-transparent display.

Needless to hit some of the stated characteristics of the mystical prototype. For example, the roadster from “The Avengers” on one test drove all the way 234 miles on one gallon of gasoline. Knowing what a gallon, which is 3,785 liters, we can transfer it in the usual units, and as a result, we obtain a rate of less than 1 liter per 100 kilometers. Phenomenal results for even the most fuel-efficient cars, and yet it is not compact car. 0.6 – 0.78 liters per 100 kilometers in the city and about a liter in the city. It is hard to compare with anything.

It can be assumed that this economy will remain unclaimed because most likely this roadster decorate someone’s collection, and will be for years to stand in the room or carefully guarded hangar, as is usually the case with expensive collector cars.

It is expected that amaze Acuras from “The Avengers” prototypes will be auctioned off, but the auction date is not yet known. As for potential buyers, and it’s likely people from the list of Forbes or so, then to buy the Acura NSX from the movie “The Avengers,” they will have to wait another year or two. According to some reports cars auctioned not earlier than in 2014, and perhaps even in 2015 – not earlier than the Acura will start selling next-generation Acura NSX. Previous were very popular and were produced for fifteen years – from 1990 to 2005.

The predecessor of the sports car of “The Avengers” has become famous for it was one of the most innovative cars of its time. In particular, the first car body and chassis which are made of aluminum. Also Acura NSX was the first car in the world, where it was used a completely electronic power steering and electronic throttle (Drive-by-Wire), mid-engine layout with a transverse engine, connecting rods which were made of titanium. Plus platinum spark plugs – another innovation. However, according to the chief project engineer Shigeru Uehara, this is the car of the middle class, not more.

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