Cars from Transformers 4

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” (2014): What for Michael Bay started shooting his film?

It sounds crazy, but to watch online «Transformers: Age of Extinction» now dreams are all fans of the franchise, who can not visit the cinema, because you can enjoy format IMAX screens in full all the many special effects that are painstakingly created by directors Michael Bay and John Fraser. This is a completely new story about the union updated Autobots and humans, with the logical continuation of the third part.

Cars from Transformers 4

Here’s the long-awaited weekend, there was an occasion and time to relax. Favorite many fun – going to the movies, this week will be more relevant than ever. Sensational franchise to combat robots and humans against the villains captured the hearts of millions of fans. Perhaps the biggest disappointment for them was the departure from the picture cuties and eternally young-looking Chailly LaBeouf. This compares with the departure of Megan Fox after the second part of the Transformers.

The director and the whole crew and kept the details of the plot of the film is a closely guarded secret, but today you can learn how to still created a popular blockbuster. Filming took place in different parts of our planet. Third frame picture was shot in several cities in China. Explosions and shooting action took place on the shores of Lake Michigan, which is quite dark and littered with abandoned buildings. Complicated process of numerous bees that and strive to bite everyone who met on their way. Michael Bay personally oversaw the shooting of fireworks explosions. Directed by famous creation juicy and spectacular scenes and can rightly be called the guru of special effects. Filmed live in it, because the director is not a fan of drawn on the computer. One of the great masters of the physical effects John Fraser participated in the creation blockbuster. Hi made many works on popular films, and for his film «Spider-Man 2», he deservedly won an Oscar. It is worth noting his seven seconds of «Pearl Harobr» rigged with 350 bombs. The fourth part of the franchise created for screens IMAX 3D, and shot on a special camera. Shooting «Transformers: Age of Extinction» passed 103 days before started installation and adding computer graphics.

As recognized by the director himself, he did not have to restart the purpose robots and plot. The main task was to create exactly the sequel with new characters, but with the same emotional bond between man and gracious living robot symbiosis and their union against the evildoers. Action in the film takes place three years after the final battle in Chicago. Mark Wahlberg’s and Michael Bay duo had a positive impact on the work on the film. They have already met several times on the set, and when the Bay offered to play a major role to Mark, who, without hesitation and without even reading the script, signed. Mutual trust and respect have done their job.

The very idea of playing the dad of a teenage girl led Wahlberg underwhelming. And the film is already a big name such a serious step for a career actor. According to him, this job is not for a fee. After listening Wahlberg and Peltz and their approval for the role, the actors learned to drive a car for a long time and gained the necessary physical form.

Automotive debutants in the film are blue-black Bugatti Veyron and red-black Pagani Huayra.

According to the director, to come back and continue the franchise «Transformers» pushed him a few moments. First, it inspired the opening of an amusement park where there are huge queues that have experience in 3D all the delights of the world of robots. He felt a desire to update the heroes and the Autobots. Second, the survey gave Bay possibility most famous models ride on cars from the movie. Full list of car in «Transformers: Age of Extinction» includes Lamborghini Aventador LP, 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, 2014 Chevrolet Camaro and a lot of others steep wheelbarrows.

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