Quattro Fleet Shuttle for Enders Game

Virtual vision: A little bit about Quattro Fleet Shuttle by Audi for Ender’s Game

The futuristic car named Quattro Fleet Shuttle was designed by German auto brand Audi for the sci-fi film “Ender’s Game”, which premiered recently. This car has a futuristic design with continuous transparent top and the all-terrain tyres only exposed at contact points with the ground and roof of the vehicle is almost entirely see-through, so the neon green light that picks out details on the interior. About this futuristic concept car by German auto brand Audi reported at Dezen.

Quattro Fleet Shuttle for Enders Game
Quattro Fleet Shuttle virtual car by Audi for Enders Game

Based on the best-selling, award-winning novel, an epic adventure film “Ender’s Game” is written for the screen and directed by Gavin Hood starring Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Ben Kingsley and Viola Davis with Abigail Breslin and Harrison Ford.

In the near future, a hostile alien race has attacked Earth. In preparation for the next attack, humans begin training the best students to find their future leader. Ender Wiggin, a shy but strategically brilliant young man, is pulled out of his school to join the elite. Audi digitally modelled the Quattro Fleet Shuttle to be driven by actor Harrison Ford’s character in the film.

He was actually filmed inside an Audi A7 Sportback and the futuristic design was then added by CGI artists in post-production, reported at Dezen:

«Futuristic, progressive and cutting edge: the Audi Design Team has developed an entirely virtual car for Summit Entertainment’s film adaptation of the award-winning, best-selling novel Ender’s Game. With its visionary design, the Audi fleet shuttle quattro blends easily into the world of the science fiction feature film and combines futuristic design with groundbreaking technology.

The fictional Audi fleet shuttle quattro seen in the film Ender’s Game marks the first time the car company has unveiled a purely virtual Audi in a feature film. True to the company’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” philosophy, the brand with the four rings collaborated with director Gavin Hood and the production team to use the latest technology to digitally and seamlessly integrate the Audi fleet shuttle quattro into the futuristic environment of the film.

The company noted that the technologically advanced world of Ender’s Game is reflected in the design of the model.

“The Audi in the movie represents progress and it appears in key scenes that have a lasting impact on the life of the protagonist,” explained Florian Zitzlsperger, responsible for Brand Partnerships at AUDI AG. “As a result, our Audi becomes part of this fictional world.”

“Designing the Audi fleet shuttle quattro was similar to customising a tailor-made suit. We adapted it to the requirements of the world in Ender’s Game” and at the same time had to take care to preserve our brand values,” said Frank Rimili, chief designer for the film project. “We were ultimately able to perfectly project our design philosophy into the fictional world of the movie.” Linda McDonough, a producer of “Ender’s Game,” added, “The Audi brand is already very forward thinking which made their inclusion in our film an organic fit», – writes Dan Howarth at Dezen.

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