What are some movies with great car chase scenes?

What are some movies with great car chase scenes? Find it in quotes of www.quora.com.

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The French Connection
The Seven-Ups
The Italian Job
Gone in 60 Seconds
The Transporter (original and series)
Smokey and the Bandit
Matrix Reloaded
Batman Dark Knight
Bad Boys II
The Bourne Ultimatum (Jason Bourne series)
Thunder Road
(The) Fast and Furious (series)
Beverly Hills Cop

Robert Love, Software Engineer at Google

Ronin, the 1998 film directed by John Frankenheimer and written by J.D. Zeik and David Mamet, has the best car chase scenes in any movie. It stars Robert De Niro and Jean Reno.

The film has several excellent car chase scenes, the most notable being a lengthy and riveting chase through Paris. The scenes were all shot live, with real drivers (often the actors themselves) in real cars on location. The scenes are soundtrack-less, with accurate engine sounds employed from each different car. The scenes, unlike most movies, get shifting right, which makes for a dramatic and accurate portrayal.

Many different cars are used, including an Audi S8 and BMW M5.

Valerie Fletcher, loves her some movies.

The Blues Brothers- the end car chase. secondarily, the mall chase.
When you have mob backing, the permission of the Mayor to close Wacker Drive and Daly plaza, and the entire former police fleet of the City of Chicago, you might be able to make a chase scene almost as epic as this one. but, will it be funny? Here’s the mall chase, for some reason the final amazing one is not on you tube. However, this chase does begin with one of my favorite scenes ever, where Elwood drives away from the police and casually starts down the left side of the divided road. This immediately shows you how little he cares for authority, rules of any kind, or his own safety.

The French Connection – chasing the elevated train

Rendez-vous. While not really a car chase, this might be the most gripping car film ever made. Claude LeLouch mounted a camera to the front of a
mercedes, and drives calls out through the streets of Paris. If you have never seen it, watch it now. It is incredible.

Since this question was up before the film came out, I have to add the getaway scene from the movie Drive. It’s the opening chase of the movie, and is so suspenseful, it leaves you hanging for, basically, the rest of the film. There is a much more classic car chase later in the movie, but the opening one is unforgettable. Part of it is Los Angeles playing Los Angeles, the fact that you’re low inside the car for most of it; I would say a good 50% of the chase is Ryan Gosling’s face, and a radio. The sound is incredible, as you hear in the end of this clip, suddenly you’re listening to everything at once, the car, the helicopter, the police radio, and a Clipper’s game. I wish I could find the whole clip, but this should whet your appetite.

Greg Francis, Producer/Director/Writer

One of my favorite – and most unusual car chase sequences – comes from an underrated movie Way of the Gun.

Instead of speed and stunts and running into fruit carts and panes of glass – this chase is about going very slow – steady – and its full of strategy. Really clever scene….

Benjy Weinberger, Made a short film, writing a screenplay

Probably the most iconic car chase scene of all time is the one in Bulllitt (1968), in which Steve McQueen tears up and down the hills of San Francisco in a green Ford Mustang.

This sequence basically invented the modern movie car chase. Famously, this scene was not undercranked, and the actors and stunt drivers really were driving at those speeds on San Francisco streets.

Find more info about most famous Ford Mustang movie appearances.

Kristopher Wright, Habitual Answerer

Forget that there is more than one car chase scene in the movie. Others movies have multiple chases. The final chase scene is epic. It still holds the record for most cars crashed in a movie. In 32 years no other film has come close. This chase scene lasts for 20 minutes. That’s crazy. At the end of it the car just falls apart.

There is an excellent car chase earlier in the film that they had to refurbish an entire mall just to destroy it again. That’s crazy, even by today’s action movie standards.

Chases like this could never be topped. It would just be too expensive and dangerous for a movie studio to accomplish.

So, forget all the multiple answers in the posts. One answer. One movie. Blues Brothers.

Dan Munro, devout David Lean fan

Sorry to all the true classics – but my personal favorite is – and always will be the Mini chase in Bourne Identity.

Why you might ask? I owned that model car – while living in Brussels.

It’s always been just an amazing little car. Fun, fast – and just SCREAMS to be chased!

So … when they used this car … for a major chase scene … in Europe … in a major Hollywood production … with Matt Damon … well … needless to say I own THAT movie ! 😉

FYI – the bumper guards and sunroof were both after market add-ons. The hood snaps (also add-ons) were rubberized – served absolutely NO useful purpose – but just added an exclamation mark to the sportiness!

Bryan Foreman, Writer

Before The French Connection, there was the famous car chase in Bullitt (directed by Peter Yates in 1968) which is considered “the granddaddy of all car chase scenes” by many. Personally, I prefer The French Connection (both the movie and the car chase). But, in that movie, Gene Hackman is chasing a train, not another car. In Bullitt, Steve McQueen chases a ’68 Dodge Charger through the streets of San Francisco in his ’68 Ford Mustang GT. And, it’s the only part of the movie that isn’t slow, in my opinion. There’s another great car chase in the 1973’s The Seven-Ups, produced and directed by Philip D’ Antoni who also produced Bullitt and The French Connection. In that scene, Roy Scheider chases a ’73 Pontiac Grand Ville through Upper Manhattan and smashes his ’73 Pontiac Ventura Sprint coupe into the back of an eighteen-wheel truck, slicing off the roof of the car “Jayne Mansfield style.” Bill Hickman did most of the stunt driving in all three films, still considered the three greatest car chase movies ever made.

Matthew Hill

I find this one from Tomorrow Never Dies to be pretty epic, albeit completely ridiculous.

Christopher Reiss, Interested in movies, math, history, technology and culture

The ultimate chase scene is probably Quinton Tarantino’s Death Proof.

Tarantino deliberately set out to make the best chase scene ever made, without cheating with any CGI.

Taylor Ray Miller, director

The French Connection is fantastic but Friedkin’s zanier chase in To Live and Die in L.A. is also a lot of fun.

Anthony Jackson, Corporate Recruiter and Freelance Automotive Journalist


That’s a pretty good list and pretty much my top ten as well but I would probably take the Matrix off there and replace it with Bullit. matrix is good but a lot of effects put me off. The truck chase in Terminator 2 is actually not bad if you like sci-fi.

I love the original Gone in 60 seconds, is that the one you are referring to as well?

Ian Michael Shaw

Mad Max. Nuff said. Mad Max II a.k.a The Road Warrior comes in a close second.

Ashish Sharma, IT Engineer, AmbiDextrous, Geek

The paris pursuit cum chase scene from G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) with leads wearing bot-suits.not a full fledged car chase but one of the most engaging one…

Bryan Thomas, Conservative, Christian, Blogger, Hockey player

All of the movies in the Jason Bourne trilogy have great car chase scenes! However, the best one is in The Bourne Ultimatum. It is ridiculously intense! I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves car chase scenes.

Paul Duncan, Movies Group Admin

Matrix Reloaded. It goes on a bit long (as in, it’s about half an hour) and the cgi is meh, but overall, it’s pretty awesome as only a Matrix film can be.

Bullitt. Haven’t seen it, but the car chase scene in it is one of the quintessential car chases in cinema.

Robert Narracci, I love film!

Ok I’m going to throw in Thunder Road starrng Robert Mitchum as a bootlegger who is so awesomely cool that, during a high speed car chase, he is able to flick his cigarette butt through his open window, through a 60-90mph apparent wind (sounds like a tame speed by today’s standards but it was the 50s and they were racing 3000 pound jalopies on winding mountain passes), through the other guys window, and into the other guys eyeball causing his untimely but most deserved demise. Notice I wrote “other guy” and not villain because Robert Mitchum was, himself, kindof an anti-hero.

Adrian Crook, Game Consultant

How has no one mentioned Ronin yet?

Ted Saydalavong, A film geek

The Bourne Supremacy – That car chase through the streets of Moscow was insane.

The Road Warrior aka Mad Max 2 – The big chase at the end was amazing.

Mission: Impossible 2 – A silly film but the big chase at the end more than made up for it.

Die Hard 3 – A chase involving a Mercedes and a Dodge Ram truck, it was pretty exciting.

Chase Wirth, Haven’t crashed yet…

Lots of good answers here but it’s still missing The Rock.

Find the all cars featured in movie “The Rock” (1996)

Peer Szeto

If you think of these things based on the time the movies are made, like. I do, my appreciation for car chases – not in any particular order:

1: The French Connection – hair-raising for sure
2: The Matrix: Reloaded – special effects make this adrelanin-filled
3: The Blues Brothers – so many cars – so many pileups lol
4: Ronin – tight roads – scary chase
5: The Bourne Supremacy – see above lol
6: Vanishing Point – classic
7: Gone in 60 seconds – another classic
8: The Italian Job (original) – clever job

Jordan Lange

William Friedkin’s 1971 “The french connection” features an amazing car-chasing-train scene, unparalleled in modern cinema.

Dave Mills, Bartender, cultural anthropologist

The first two Bourne movies have first rate car chases.

George Papadakis, Co-Founder & COO @ Phaistos Networks S.A.

Gone in 60 seconds features a couple great car chase scenes.

Sean Arenas

Beverly Hills Cop destroyed many cars in the really long chase scene.

Shilpa Dube


Steve Bain, Project Manager of Internet Design and Development

Gone in 60 Seconds, Transporter 1/2/3, Italian Job, Fast and Furious 5.

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