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What are the most unrealistic aspects of car chases in movies?

What are the most unrealistic aspects of car chases in movies? Some quotes about from www.quora.com.

Ben Yelian, Aspirer of Many Things

The extent to which movie-chase cars explode upon impact.

Even after flying off bridges, slamming into oil tankers, flipping after having a tire shot out, or getting t-boned by a speeding train, it’s still rather uncommon for a car to instantly self-destruct in a giant fireball.

Undoubtedly many of these situations would result in fatalities and possibly the car erupting in flames, but automotive engineers have invested a good deal of time preventing cars from exploding as if they were packed with dynamite.

Mike Shurkin, Had many used cars

Squealing tires on gravel roads
Police allowing the chase to go on for many miles
Exceptional driving skill of a supposedly average person
Cars continuing to be operable after making a jump from a great height

Gabriel Balensiefer, Radiographer, writer, and life’s student.

No one is ever struck by irritable bowel syndrome.

From www.quora.com

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