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What makes Ford Mustang “the” car in most of the racing based movies?

Most of the racing/chasing based movies generally have the newest and the fastest cars of the times but almost all of them tend to include Ford Mustang. Often it’s is not just included but also the one stealing the spotlight. Is it because of its beauty or power?

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Chris Leinbach, Muscle Car Nerd

There are do many different reasons that this could be. From sales to performance to looks I think they all play a small part.

Starting from the beginning we notice that the Mustang was an instant hit. In its infancy the mustang saw the most sales of any car since Henry Ford’s Model T. In two years the Mustang would sell 1 million+ units.

Another big factor is that the Mustang is the longest running piece of the muscle car era. It’s a symbol of Americas proud past. The Mustang turns 50 in 2014, no other muscle car has had that longevity with Chargers, Challengers, Corvettes, Camaros, etc. skipping a few model years. There has been a new mustang every year for half a century now.

Looking at it from a price persective they’re excellent. For $57,000 you can buy a Shelby GT500, a stunning example if a car, that cranks out just shy of 700 horses. To get that from anything else you’re dropping at least 6 figures. Also they’re insanely easy to upgrade owed to a massive aftermarket market.

Performance and looks wise they’re stunning and work horses. A powerhouse American made V8 has and always will be an option in a Mustang. These cars can put up some serious numbers at the drag strip. Also, they’re gorgeous and easy to identify. Everyone knows a mustang.

Dean Croshere, Curious Businessman

Because Ford spends a lot of money to make sure the Ford Mustang is and will be THE American muscle car. This includes giving the people making movies money to make sure that the Ford Mustang is not just included but is also the one stealing the spotlight.

Anum Yoon

Chris gave a really great, informative answer. I’d have to also agree with Dean that the Mustang is considered to be “THE American Muscle car.” That being said, mustangs have been known to be a true automotive legend. The Boss 351 is a very good example of this.

Joe Dugan, The Mustang Merchandiser

The Ford Mustang with its unique style and looks attracted a lot of people towards it especially the youths. And the younger generation are the biggest audience for racing movies and hence these cars are mostly preferred in such movies.Also the speed of this car is unmatchable with other racing cars.

Marcus Titus

Eh I think the Mustang is just a classic, very recognizable brand. I mean the make is recognizable as well as the name. I am sure there was a time when this wasn’t the case but over time it just caught on I suppose. The Ford Mustang is a beautiful car.


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