What was the Best Movie Car Chase Against the Flow of Freeway Traffic?

What was the best movie car chase against the flow of freeway traffic? Answers from www.quorra.com.

Alexander Kunz, IT specialist

Two movies come to mind.

First one is “The Chase” from 1994. It has some very good chase scenes, both with the flow and against it. A really underrated film in my opinion.

The second movie is “Ronin” from 1998. It has some masterfully executed chase scenes. Not sure whether it qualifies as freeway as it takes place in Europe, but there are chases over European highways, so maybe that counts too.

Both films are done with purely practical effects (except for the tire smoke in Ronin)

Tristan Carter, BSC Transportation & Logistics, Plymouth University (2000)

The Bourne Identity is good, as is Ronin – good films and good chases.

Thomas Martin, My Lexus GS400 is most reliable car I’ve ever had

The Matrix part 2

From: www.quora.com

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