Which film will have better car sequences? “Furious 7” or “Mad Max: Fury Road”?

Which film will have better car/vehicle sequences? “Furious 7” or “Mad Max: Fury Road”? Quote from www.quora.com.

Borys Nijinski

“Ronin” has one of the best car chase scenes. Also the “Transporter” series has some really cool chase scenes. The scenes in all “Fast and Furious” movies are stupid…car comes from behind fast enough to catch up and then suddenly is only going as fast as car being chased? Imagine one car doing 100 mph, car behind hits the nitrous and accelerates to say 150 mph to catch up really quickly and then once second car is abreast of first car, they are birth going same speed…why doesn’t second car blast past the first one since it is going so much faster?

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