Who built the most insane cars for “Mad Max: Fury Road”?

The long-awaited post-apocalyptic Saga of George Miller’s “Mad Max: fury Road” released in theaters on May 14. Press, satisfied numerous teasers and trailers, have long been relishing artistic discoveries of films. In particular, an unprecedented fleet of “Mad Max”, which consists of 150 hand-made by the most bizarre of cars, trucks and motorcycles, each of which has a unique appearance and character.

Back in late April, Warner Brothers released a gallery of vehicles from “Mad Max: Fury Road» that are bizarre and totally insane. On the eve of the premiere we have learned some of the details of their development. It tells Bloomberg, the primary responsibility for the creation of this insane car pantheon – a designer and art director Colin Gibson.

Since Miller did not want to use a computer for the filming schedule, Gibson had to find a suitable “nature”, ie “automobiles with character” throughout Australia. The main condition is that the machine is used at least all sorts of newfangled electronic stuff, plus they have to be on the move. In the film, the main vehicles express the characters, so the body, and each item must contain a certain message across, says Game2Day.org.

Himself Mad Max (Tom Hardy) is still drives by a black 1973 Ford XB Falcon Coupe, also known by the first three series of the epic. The machine, nicknamed Interceptor has received a new engine, new chassis and is equipped with dozens of guns.

Armored truck called War Rig belongs to the emperor Fyurioze (Charlize Theron). His Gibson made of Czechoslovakian tractor Tatra driven by six wheels equipped with two eight-cylinder supercharged engine. To the rear of the cab soldered Chevy Fleetmaster 1940, and a trailer showing off Volkswagen Beetle.

One of the most bizarre car – Buzzard Excavator. It is built on the basis of tractor MAN 6X6 and all over the body is covered with 1757 steel studs. About as many needles in the viper.

According to many critics, the most amazing solution – “sound karmageddon» Doof Wagon. Truck with eight-cylinder engine, which is a truly mobile stage with a wall of speakers and subwoofers, the platform for drummers and hellish guitarists.

The car belongs to Gigahorse antagonist Max – despot Joe (Hugh Kiyasov Bern). It is composed of two disassembled Cadillac Devilles 1959, stuck with each other. Monster supertyuninga raised on huge wheels and equipped whaling harpoon and a flamethrower.

Total Gibson and his team are going to make 88 cars, but because many of them broke in the process of filming (the machine is cut to pieces, explode, burst into pieces) to the light appeared the original 150 cars. Part of the car and is not suitable, but it was better to be safe: the middle of the Australian desert where the shooting carried out, it is difficult to find the right parts, not to mention Africa in Namibia, where the final shot of the film.

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