Why is Vin Diesel fond of choosing American muscle cars to win the races in the climax?

Why is Vin Diesel fond of (more than an emotional attachment, as his father’s car) choosing American muscle cars such as the Dodge, the Chevrolet and the Plymouth to win the races in the climax? Some quotes from this discussion on www.quora.com.

Chris Tion

Because as long as street racing has been a thing, coming from America, there has always been a competition of whether import cars are better to race in or if American cars are better to race in. And since serious street racers make moderations to their vehicles to make it go faster, there will never be an answer due to the never-ending list of modifications people can make with all the different products you can purchase to make so many cars unique highlighted in the franchise. So you’ll notice that while Dom is fond of American cars.. to counter that, you should notice that Brian is always driving an import… that is actually until now. And I believe this is like an ode to Paul but in Furious 7 Dom driving the Lykan Hypersport through the skyscrapers is actually the first time he drives an import in the whole series .. and Brian driving the Chevrolet Suburban is the first time you see him driving an American vehicle in the series.

Asif Chamanshaikh

There are two main reasons :

First is that Dodge is a official partner of the Fast and Furious Franchise.Hence for the production team of the movie it mandates that Dodge cars are to be highlighted and their positive marketing has to be done.This is primarily because Classic American Car brands are actually lossing their American Market due to invasion of Japanese, and European car Brands Like Hyundai,Honda,BMW,Mercedes-AMG,Audi and many more.

Its not Fast and Furious without a Dodge Car

Second thing is about conserving American Car Culture. American People have always liked Muscle Cars.For Most Americans,cars mean Big Chassis with long Bonnet.big Hoods,broad tyres,thin Steering,long dash boards powered by a high capacity(high Displacement) Engine(mostly V8 or V6) which has to be Super Charged or Turbo Charged.This is part of American Dream.

More Muscle per Mile

Live Long & Prosper

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